Entrepeneurship and comparison of professionnal skills and local culture with three different countries : common subject: «Wine as a close environment, Moon as a further one»


1 secondary vocational school in Libourne, France, 1 secondary vocational school in Braila, Romania, 1 secondary vocational school in Huerva, Spain.


Jan Wörner, Director General of the ESA (European Space Agency) has declared in 2016 his intention to build a Moon village.
Source : https://www.esa.int/spaceinvideos/Videos/2016/02/ESA_Euronews_Moon_Village
July 2019 will also be the 50th anniversary of the first man on Moon.
All three partners live in a wine country, where it is interesting to be able to compare local practices and culture.


2 years, starting on schoolyear 2019 - 2020 (next schoolyear)


Participants : selected students among the specialties: Technician in economic activities, Techn. in administration , Techn. in trade
activities, Techn. in tourism, Techn in reception, ICT, gardening...


Around October / Nov 2019 : duration : 5 days. Mobility of some volontary teachers to come and visit our school in Libourne, France.
Goals: Setting up the project’s retroplanning and the dates for regular meetings (Etwinning live or twinspace) with classes / teachers.
Examining the needs of students in terms of professionnal competences
Organizing students’ inclusion in classes.
Discovering local partner companies in order to prepare future KA1 exchange


The classes will exchange via Etwinning /Twinspace or mail or small video caps in order to introduce themselves, describe the region they live in, their school and share ideas on the project.
Teachers will select students willing to do the mobility on precise criteria (motivation, involvement, level in foreign langage...). Possibility of having a letter of commitment signed by student and their parents.

A group of students (or a class) from each vocational high school will build from scratch a travel agency that will offer local touristic trips, and some « booking » for the ESA Moon base.

A replica of the imaginery moonbase (small model) and a booklet detailing the travel formulas will be created. Hope it will be possible for students to collaborate on same platform in order to accomplish professional tasks.


We have five mobilities in this project:

  • Only teachers mobility, from 
  • First students mobility: Libourne, from 25/01/2020 to 02/02/2020
  • Second students mobility: Braila, May 2020 (delayed because of Covid-19)
  • Third students mobility: Huelva, November 2020 (delayed because of Covid-19)
  • Fourth students mobility: Libourne, May 2021 (delayed because of Covid-19)



Polls in years N+1 and N+2 in order to measure the evolution in terms of professionnal competences, work autonomy, social emancipation, self confidence, future mobility.